Drab to Fab: How to conquer 2015 the Audrey Hepburn way

When the clock strikes midnight and the fanfare of a new year begins there’s AudreyHepburnmirroralways this exciting energy accompanying it. Then the resolutions begin pouring in. I’m going to lose ten pounds! I’m going to read more! I’m going to do more of what makes me happy! No matter what the resolution is the common theme seems to be transformation or maybe, alteration. For a little inspiration, let’s go to our favorite beauty, Audrey Hepburn.

If there was anyone who mastered the art of transforming from ugly duckling to swan onscreen, it’s Audrey. Her exquisite outfits in Sabrina, Funny Face, and My Fair Lady are iconic but the essence of these characters goes beyond the clothing. Lovesick Sabrina, bookworm shopgirl Jo Stockton, and cockney flowergirl Eliza Doolittle are all different but the confidence they achieve after setting a goal and achieving it will help you create that to-do list and cross off all the items on it.

My favorite quote from any Audrey Hepburn film is said when Sabrina returns to New York from Paris. In the film, Sabrina is the chauffeur’s daughter in love with the estate family’s son, the charismatic playboy David Larrabee. Sabrina has loved David from afar all her life but he’s never noticed her. She goes away to Paris for two years to culinary school and comes back an empowered, sophisticated woman (also dressed in gorgeous French clothes). When she returns, she immediately catches David’s attention. He initially doesn’t recognize her as the chauffeur’s daughter but sees her as a beautiful woman. Moments later, Sabrina is reunited with her father at the Larrabee home. During their talk, Sabrina goes on and on about her life in Paris and about a party David has invited her to but her father looks dismayed. He ultimately reminds her that she’s still the chauffeur’s daughter and she’s “reaching for the moon.” Instead of hitting the floor after being punched by this “reality”, Sabrina smiles and says “No, no father. The moon is reaching for me.”


(Audrey as Sabrina Fairchild before and after her transformation (left), Audrey as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady before and after her transformation (right))

That one little sentence is so profound. Like Sabrina, we can all relate to setting high goals for ourselves but letting fear paralyze us. But where does that fear come from? Is it insecurity? Expectations from others? Is it just plain laziness? Whatever it is, let Sabrina’s words help you find that confidence she found within. The same confidence Eliza Doolittle and Jo Stockton found. Let that confidence propel you every day of 2015. Each day you wake up, remember Sabrina saying, “the moon is reaching for me,” and go out and conquer 2015.

funnyfaceaudrey(Audrey as Jo Stockton in Funny Face before and after)


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