Noir all summer long!

We’re just a few hours away before TCM’s #SummerofDarkness kicks off with Fritz Lang’s film, M, Friday morning. Who’s excited? THIS GIRL!


My level of excitement in Gif form. Courtesy of the Tumblr MatineeMovies.

I love film noir, I love, love, love it. So far my 2015 has been filled with a lot of noir already including a weekend festival I attended here in Austin hosted by the Film Noir Foundation. This year’s #SummerofDarkness has been billed as the biggest event of its kind. For each Friday in June and July, TCM will declare 24 hours of its programming to film noir films including nighttime screenings hosted by Eddie Muller. In addition to that, TCM has partnered with Ball State University to offer a free online course called Into the Darkness: Investigating Film Noir. As someone who has always wanted to go to film school but never did, this felt heaven sent. I’ve recently been toying with the idea of going to film school and have been looking into it so this presents an opportunity to see if delving into graduate school is something I actually want to do seriously. Did I mention this is free?

The schedule of films for Summer of Darkness is impressive. I’ve seen a lot more Twentieth Century Fox films added to TCM’s library and I’m looking forward to watching Nightmare Alley starring Tyrone Power. TCM will also be airing Curtis Hanson’s neo-noir L.A. Confidential. I actually saw this film when it came out in 1997, I was only 11 and begged my dad to take me to movies to see it. As an 11-year-old, it was a bit awkward to watch with your dad but it didn’t diminish the film’s effect. Kim Basinger won an Oscar for her performance as a Veronica Lake look-alike hooker but it’s the performances of Guy Pearce and Kevin Spacey that really elevate this film for me.

Here is a complete schedule of films that will be shown during TCM’s Summer of Darkness but you should definitely check out the official website. The layout is a feast for the eyes and it also features a very informative timeline of the film noir genre.

Below are posters for the films I’m most excited about watching tomorrow, the first day of Summer of Darkness.

noraprentiss theletter johnnyeager

maltesefalcon laconfidentialM

What are you looking forward to watching tomorrow? During the primetime screenings, I plan to tweet along with the #TCMParty. You can follow me on Twitter at @dianabosch.


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