The daughter of Hollywood legend Paul Henreid shares her memories



In October, Coral Gables Art Cinema here in Miami hosted a double feature in honor of actor Paul Henreid showing Now, Voyager and Casablanca. His daughter, Monika Henreid, was on hand to introduce the films. During intermission, I had the opportunity to ask Ms. Henried a few questions. She’s currently working on a biography and documentary about him entitled Paul Henreid: Beyond Victor Laszlo. You can learn more about it here:

The screening for Casablanca sold out and the crowd was a mix of people who have never seen it before and those of us who can’t get enough. Before both films, Ms. Henreid shared behind the scenes stories and offered more insight about her father and his work. Ms. Henreid is so welcoming and enthusiastic but she’s also a great listener. We spoke during the reception and I waited in a pretty sizeable crowd to get the chance to ask her a few questions. During my wait, I noticed just how engaging she is. She listened to everyone and was so involved in these small conversations. She is really proud of her father’s work and takes the job of maintaining his legacy seriously. You can listen to our conversation, as well as her introduction to Casablanca below:



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