What’s in my bag and other tips for TCMFF

I can’t believe the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival is only days away! I’m so excited for all the films and to visit California but mostly, I can’t wait to meet so many people I’ve connected with through this blog and on Twitter in real life. The other day I asked the good people of Twitter for tips on surviving TCMFF. As a newbie, who is also covering the event, my schedule is STACKED to say the least but it’s an exhilarating feeling. This feels like the Super Bowl and Comic-Con rolled into one.


Looking at the schedule of films there is one that jumps out at everyone when they scroll through it: when will I eat? A fun fact about me is that I don’t like popcorn. Yep, the most iconic food when it comes to going to the movies and I don’t like it. Another fun fact is that I actually don’t enjoy eating at the movies. When I’m at the movies, I like the film to transport me into its world and eating distracts me from that. However, I love food and I will definitely need some things to munch on waiting in line. TCM veterans have told me to pack snacks and also a water bottle to hydrate throughout the day. California is pretty pricy so I’m working ahead to try and save at the festival plus I don’t exactly know what’s in the vicinity of the event so I’d rather save myself an extra headache. Speaking of headaches, I think it’s important to have ibuprofen on hand, you never know where a headache will strike.

TCMFF veterans have told me the Hollywood and Highland Center across from where TCMFF is happening has a lot of restaurants and a Starbucks. I also heard there’s an In-N-Out burger a few blocks down. If you have some down time and want to eat but don’t have anyone to eat with, the lovely Kate Gabrielle has suggested using the hashtag  to find someone to dine with and make new friends. I’m a rather introverted person but this is a great idea. I want to meet so many of you in person and share our love of classic film.

Some other things on my packing list include:

  • sunscreen
  • antibac
  • a camera
  • sunglasses
  • a portable mobile phone charger
  • a blanket or jacket
  • hair tie
  • cash
  • umbrella or poncho (you never know)

Although the venues seem pretty close to each other, there’s going to be a lot of walking and standing in line which means…comfortable shoes are a must. There is a red carpet gala and closing night party where special occasion wear is recommended but perhaps instead of heels women can opt for wedges or the most comfortable heels they can find. I’ve packed comfortable clothes with a classic movie twist. I can’t wait to see people in vintage clothing and hopefully some classic movie cosplay. People are so creative and I love it.


A look at what will be in my Gone with the Wind themed tote I’ll be bringing to TCMFF

If you have any other tips that I’ve forgotten to mention, please add them in the comments. Here are some other survival guides that I hope will be very useful to you in planning for TCMFF.

Son of the TCMFF Survival Guide – Chris’ fantastic post has been my bible for TCMFF for the past few weeks as I get ready for the main event.

Will McKinley’s Obsessive Compulsive Guide to TCMFF – It’s from 2014 but it’s relevant today.

See you in Hollywood!



One thought on “What’s in my bag and other tips for TCMFF

  1. Laura says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at the festival, Diana! You’ve got a lot of good ideas here, you’ll be well prepared!

    I was surprised my phone told me I walked over 15 miles during the last festival, despite all the sitting and standing in line — it makes sense when you consider you’re walking from hotel to theaters and you sometimes traverse the few blocks between the Chinese and Egyptian multiple times in a day (or head down Orange to In-N-Out Burger!). So definitely comfortable shoes!

    See you soon!

    Best wishes,

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