Ready for their closeup: Fashion at the TCM Classic Movie Film Festival

One of the best parts of the TCM Classic Film Festival was the fashion! Fedoras, big hoop skirts, furs, hats, all made you feel like you were actually being transported to golden age Hollywood. Thanks to Instagram, retailers have taken note. Pinup fashion is making a comeback but the festival also brings out collectors of vintage fashion whose threads tell stories of a time gone by. Below are some of my favorite looks featuring quotes from the subjects telling me their memories of TCMFF 2017.

“My style icon is Rita Hayworth. She’s my favorite,” – Vanessa (@pinksewing on Instagram)

“I love this dress because I love polka dots. My favorite part of the festival is the people,” Bobbette Dorrigan Cockrell

“We love classic movies and dressing up. This festival is perfect for us.”

“A highlight for me was Laura on nitrate. You could really see the difference. Clifton Webb is amazing. Dana Andrews has the best fedora style. That opening line! It throws you off completely and you don’t know what to expect,” – Kristoffer Thompson (@attractionsales on Twitter)

“Who doesn’t want to feel like a glamorous star on Hollywood Boulevard?” – Maureen Lee Lenker (@themaureenlee on Twitter)

“Watching In the Heat of the Night in the same room as Sidney Poitier! I’ll never forget it.” – Nickie Dobison Saucedo

“I love William Powell. He’s so dapper and handsome. He makes everything cool. He can trip on the floor and it still seems so cool. Also, you can tell he loves women in a respectful way. You can’t beat that. That’s class,” – Lauren Cordero. Follow her William Powell Instagram account @class_act_williampowell

“After your first fest, these people become family. Don’t be sad it’s over, be glad it happened.” – Chris Sturhann

A close up of Chris’ amazing hat.

“When I’m here, I’m with my people,” – Karie Bible (@cemeterytourguide on Instagram pictured right with Beth Ann Gallagher @missbethg)

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