An actor meets his idol: William Holden and Fredric March

fredric march birthdayFredric March was born 121 years ago today.  Considered widely as one of the greatest talents of his generation, the actor was respect by his peers. William Holden also considered him one of his acting idols. The two costarred together in two films, Executive Suite and The Bridges at Toko-Ri. An actor meets his idol: William Holden and Fredric March. The ladder was even considered to be Holden’s favorite among his films.

Holden’s companion Stefanie Powers once said: “(William Holden) was never nostalgic about his films. The one film that he would talk about, his favorite film was The Bridges at Toko-Ri. It had been his second time working with Fredric March, and he loved and admired him. Every younger actor of his day realized the worth of this great craftsman, and never more than the way they worked together in Bridges At Toko-Ri,


To spotlight March’s birthday I spoke with writer and Fredric March historian Jill Blake about his work and his films with William Holden in this special audio entry of Flickin’ Out. You can listen to our conversation below and follow Jill on Twitter @biscuitkitten.

Halloween costumes inspired by classic movies

Halloween is just a few days away! Why not add some Classic Hollywood to the holiday? Here are some costume ideas with a little movie twist.









Rick Blaine in Casablanca 

Rick Blaine’s iconic trench coat is a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. With it being fall, you’re bound to find one at any clothing store. Pair that with a fedora and a manilla envelope for your letters of transit and you’re set. Here’s looking at you, kid!







Melanie Daniels in The Birds

Who wouldn’t want to be a Hitchcock blonde? Melanie Daniels’ emerald green dress suit from one of Hitchcock’s most memorable thrillers is a color that’s flattering on everyone. It’s a classic 60’s look but add her blonde locks and crows, you have the full package. What I like about this costume is it can be casual or gory depending on what type of mood you want to project on Halloween.








Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Everyone associates the little black dress from the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s with the film which is a travesty to Hubert de Givenchy! There are so many memorable costumes from the pink dress with tiara and the big hat Holly Golightly wears when she visits Sing Sing. Stand out above the crowd with this simple costume from the scene where Holly meets her neighbor Paul Varjack for the first time. All you need is an oversized white button down shirt and a turquoise sleep mask which you can easily make.


Jack Woltz from The Godfather

Okay, I know The Godfather isn’t ‘golden-age’ cinema but it’s a classic film nonetheless and I couldn’t resist this idea. Horse head masks have become so popular in recent years and this is a clever way to use one instead of just dressing up as a person with a horse head. I can imagine the pajamas are easy to find as well. This will definitely turn heads to one of the most memorable and disturbing moments from the film.

What are some of your favorite classic film-inspired Halloween costumes? Let me know in the comments below!